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How to track your phone - Instructions for Android or iphone

Almost all smartphones have an option to track your phone. How to do it? We can use the options offered by the manufacturer or operator to locate our mobile device. However, there are many other ways. In the following article, we will provide instructions on how to quickly locate Android and Apple devices. Read more at: https://inlookup.com

In what situations can tracking your phone be useful?

Knowing how to locate your smartphone and if it can be tracked can be very useful. This is especially helpful if your phone is lost or stolen. This feature can also be helpful if your phone is left in another room and you forget about it.
It is important to note that phone tracking only allows us to locate the device and not the SIM card. This is dependent on the GPS locator/app that has been uploaded to your phone to quickly locate your device.

How to track a mobile device?

As we have already mentioned, there are many options for tracking your phone. It all depends on the software and options available from your carrier.

How to track an Android phone?

Android software has the ability to locate devices, as well as remotely lock, log off and wipe data. 

First, sign into your Google account and go to the "Find Phones" page. You can do this using a tablet or computer.

Take a look at the options and select the device you want to locate.

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If GPS location is enabled on our phone, it will display its location on the map. If GPS is turned off, we will still be able to locate our equipment, but with less accuracy.

There will also be IMEI, which is the individual identification number of the GMS. Individual identification number GMS. This information can be used to notify the operator about the desire to block our device in case of theft.

How can I track my iPhone?

Like Android devices, Apple devices are equipped with an application that makes it easier to track your phone.

To be able to locate your device, you will need to have the "Find My iPhone" option turned on.

If you haven't done so before losing your phone, you can protect it by changing passwords or reporting to your carrier.

However, the location option has been disabled

We enter the device details on the iCloud page. If everything matches, your phone's location will be displayed on a map. Turning on sound can make it easier to locate.

If we have an Apple device that is not listed above, we can use it to locate our phone. To do this, let's use "Locator." We will see the location of the device on the map as in the first route.

What other methods can be used to locate mobile phones?

Third party apps and antivirus software can also be used to locate lost mobile devices. Beware of websites that promise to give you the exact location of your equipment in exchange for a small fee. It's a good idea to look into the options provided by the phone manufacturer or carrier.

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